About Me

Hello, I’m Gina I have a passion for fashion and love to craft, I make jewelry, wood crafts for home, and dabble in many other crafting projects , You can see me on my Facebook page Simply Ginas .I have also been in retail for more than 30 years, from owning our own storefront to working in craft and office supply stores. This has drove my desire to start my own online Boutique business selling Woman’s clothes, and accessories. It All started in1985  My husband and I started a Storefront business, selling new and used motorcycle parts, accessories, and service. As we had children, I quit the business to stay at home and raise the kids, Crafting became a passion. When the kids started high school I decided to go to work and worked in retail craft and office supply stores. Health issues brought me back to not working outside the home so that brings me to now with an ecommerce business Simply Ginas Boutique